The building was constructed in the early 1930s on the commission of Rapla Union Bank (Rapla Ühispank). Since its completion, the building has dominated the street scene of Rapla. Historically, the ground floor of the building housed business premises. On the second and third floor, however, there were bank offices and spacious staff accommodations, including a study, dining rooms and servants' quarters.

The building was designed by Karl Burman, one of the first professional architects in Estonia. A lot of articulation has been used in the architectural design and layout solution of the building. The front façade of the building has a more classical design, while the courtyard side is distinguished by its use of form and the variety of window types. The building of the Rapla Union Bank features an intricate combination of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Functionalism and Neoclassicism styles. The Rapla Union Bank building has been declared an architectural monument since 1998.

  • Status Renovated in 2021
  • Area 785 m2
  • Location Tallinna mnt 12, Rapla
  • Type Office, trade, apartments
  • Electric power250w
  • Area of the registered immovable1161m2
  • Area of the building785m2