Because of its location, the Mahlamäe 10 property is perfectly suited for construction of a trade centre. According to the detailed plan, it is intended to assign the following building rights to the immovable:

  • The designated use of the plot: 100% commercial land
  • Area of the plot: 6,564 m2
  • Maximum number of buildings allowed: 1
  • The maximum footprint of the building: 2,000 m2
  • Maximum overground closed gross area of the building: 3,400 m2
  • Maximum underground closed gross area of the building: 0 m2
  • Maximum permissible height of the buildings: 8 m
  • Maximum absolute height of the buildings: 69 m
  • Maximum permissible number of storeys of the building: 2
  • Number of parking spaces on the plot: 39 pc
  • Status Development approval granted
  • Location Mahlamäe 10, Rapla
  • Type Commerce
  • Area of the registered immovable6564 m2
  • Area of the building3400 m2