A new stock-office type commercial building of approx. 1,000 m2 is under construction in the Koidu-Kastani Street area, the largest business district in Rapla. A stock-office is a multifunctional commercial building where companies can set up their trading, warehousing, production and office premises. The advantages of such buildings are convenience and savings in terms of time and money, because all the company's operations can take place in the same location.

The planned room sizes are between 181 m2 and 475 m2. If desired, it is possible to combine premises and create rooms that match the customer’s needs. The customer can have a say in the planning of the premises and the choice of interior finishing materials.

Companies operating in the building can, if they wish, install illuminated advertising on the façade of the building.

The Koidu Business Park is a home to more than 60 companies employing over 400 people. The largest of them are Akzo Nobel Baltics AS, Omniva, RMW AS, TaevaniMaani Meistrikoda, Tycroc OÜ, Rudotex OÜ, Luxus OÜ, Roheline Pesumaja (Extracare OÜ).

  • Status To be completed in 2022
  • Area 150 - 1000 m2
  • Location Koidu tn 22a, Rapla
  • Type Warehouse, production, office
  • Area of the registered immovable11396 m2
  • Area of the building1000 m2